Balloon pick-up’s terms & conditions - guarantee

  • YAY’s responsibility of ‘with helium inflated’ balloons stops at the doorstep of our stores. From this point on it is customer’s own responsibility to take care of the balloons him/ herself.
  • If a balloon is inflated with helium at one of our stores and show no flaws, and is in good condition, it will be checked and photographed by YAY as proof. If a balloon has a defect It is impossible to pressurize a balloon with helium. If for example, a balloon has a small hole, it will immediately show up during inflation at the store. When this happens, a alternative will be proposed and all costs are covered by YAY. It is impossible to detect a ‘manufactory default’ as customer afterwards.
  • Avoid the balloon from coming in contact with anything sharp or hot to prevent it from popping. Be really careful. YAY can never be hold responsible for how a balloon is treated by the costumer.
  • Keeping a balloon outdoors is at own risk. YAY is not responsible for damage caused by wind, rain or sun.
  • Secure the balloons by tying them to the seat of the car to avoid them from floating away when opening the car’s door.
  • latex balloons with a dimension of approximately 30 cm are inflated with helium have a flotation time of about 5/6 hours
  • foil balloons inflated with helium will float about several days
  • special balloons (flower or light balloons etc.) do float about several days
  • The floating time of balloons can differ in accordance of weather conditions such as warm or cold weather and high or low air pressure. Therefore we are never responsible for the duration of floating. The behavior of, or the duration of flotation of a ballon is never perfectly predictable.
  • A cold temperature does the volume of a balloon to shrink. This effect is visible when a helium filled balloon is taken outside the store to a colder environment. This is completely normal. When it is carried back indoors to a warmer area like the living room for instance, the balloon expands, back to it’s original shape and size.
  • When after a while, a balloon has shrunk over time, you can always add a little puff of plain air with a straw or pump to prevent it from losing it’s shape. 
  • When latex balloons stop floating after a while, they can still look good when hung, giving them a ‘second life’.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to get informed by YAY about these terms & conditions. In reference to these terms & conditions there is a link on the sales receipt of the customer.
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